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Executive & Business Coaching

Most successful, high profile leaders and business owners have a coach - do you?

Effective coaching can make a significant difference to the long term success of individuals and businesses.

What could our coaching do for you or your business?

Would It Benefit You To:

Have a competent sounding-board to help you get better organised around your key priorities?

Be able to discuss exactly what steps you need to take to tackle the challenges you're facing?

Talk candidly and openly about what you need, in order to be more successful?

Work with someone who knows the right questions to ask and can ask them in the right way?

Feel like you're being really heard and told what you really need to hear?

Be able to talk through your concerns without worrying about not already having the answers?

Work in partnership with an executive coach in a completely confidential manner, unrestricted by organisational politics?

Welcome to MCCL

Standing still is not an option for you or your organisation if you want to increase your success. You must make a real and lasting commitment to constant improvement.

We specialise in coaching and consulting services that do just that, creating success and value for both organisations and individuals. We will work in close partnership with you to fully understand your challenges, help identify your goals, and create tailor made solutions with you by building on existing skills and successes.

Coaching is a variety of methods, tools and techniques used to help you reach the goals you really, really want to achieve, either in business or in life.

Traditional coaching involves goal setting and then, through careful thought-out questioning, helps you to realise your goals. At MCCL we take this further. We provide a powerful support system, offering constructive input and practical assistance where needed.

Self-belief is the key to maximising your potential and reaching peak performance. To significantly increase your level of achievement -

We offer coaching in three main categories:
Corporate Coaching
Business Coaching
Personal Coaching
Consulting is about seeking professional advice or information. At MCCL we will share our particular areas of expertise with you, and you will be able to utilise our valuable resources to help you apply our information and processes in your business.
We offer consulting and mentoring services in the following areas:
Organisational Culture Change
Succession Planning
Executive & Management Development
People Management
Learning & Development Vision & Strategy

We will work with you to understand all previous investments you have made in Development Programmes and incorporate the learning to ensure continuity is maintained. We then show you how to consistently improve your investment returns.

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