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MCCL offers consulting and mentoring services in the following areas:

Organisational Culture Change

Corporate Values and Behaviours create the basis for drafting your organisationís business operating model. For this to be successful, both in times of change and in stability, the following areas need to be considered: Focus, Brand Values, Organisational Values, Beliefs, Behaviours, Capabilities and Standards.

Succession Planning

Succession, in one form or another, will happen. Succession management, therefore, is the key to its success. We can help you with areas such as: organisational impact, scope of succession, succession infrastructure and implementing proactive approaches.

Executive & Management Development

It is advantageous to have a framework of leadership dimensions at executive level that can permeate through all levels within your organisation. We can help you devise, or update any existing framework, and assess the capabilities and behavioural indicators required to allow this framework to form the basis of your executive and management development programmes.

People Management

As the right people are a key asset in your business it is imperative to be able to:

o Ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right time
o Evaluate potential correctly
o Inspire people at many levels
o Communicate expectations clearly
o Delegate appropriately
o Hold people accountable
o Persuade and encourage people to behave in a desired manner
o Demonstrate performance development and reward principles
o Recognise and reward achievement
o Show strong commitment to diversity
o Show strong commitment to people development

We can evaluate your current people management strategy or help you implement a new strategy.

Learning & Development Vision and Strategy

Having a clear vision and strategy for learning & development leads to better alignment with your organisational strategy. It will ultimately improve efficiency and effectiveness and show how, by maximising your investment in learning & development, it will contribute to your bottom line profits.

We will work with you to understand all previous investments you have made in Development Programmes and incorporate the learning to ensure continuity is maintained. We then show you how to build on this to align your learning & development strategies to that of your organisation for maximum impact and return.

By examining your cultural profile (values, beliefs, standards, vision and purpose) and your people profile (using your most successful performers) we can work on a strategy to suit your organisation for:

o Recruiting for attitude
o Talent Management
o Learning & Development


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