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We offer coaching in three main categories:


If you are in an executive or senior role you will know how tough and lonely it can be at times.  Successful executives, however, have a clear methodology - objective setting, planning and having a coach / mentor. When it gets particularly tough our corporate coaching can help you move forward quickly. We cover many areas, for individuals and their teams, including:

Executive Effectiveness

By definition, as an executive you are already successful in your own right. This type of coaching is for you if you are striving to continually develop yourself to the good of your organisation. It is delivered on the job in real time so can be tailored to include any organisational or personal changes that may occur.
We concentrate on your standards, beliefs and strategies, and your commitment to constant improvement.


Effective leadership requires trust and this relies on character, which comes from your inside out. Leadership coaching focuses on having purpose, values, vision and courage. This self-leadership leads to willing followers and real commitment. Through this, you will raise your own performance and that of your team.


Expected performance will depend on whether individuals are either new or poorly performing, or are already experienced and successful. Performance coaching focuses on identifying the methodology for each type, to ultimately lead to increased performance of the organisation.


New leaders appointed as part of formal succession planning provide the most successful stage for transitional coaching. It involves both the outgoing and incoming leader to successfully orient the successor to the new role. This is not always possible (if, for example, the outgoing leader has left quickly or has been dismissed) so a slightly different approach is required. In either situation significant changes may be made and coaching can bring you new and unbiased insights.


If you run your own business you will know the many and varied challenges you face at different times. Business coaching is for small and medium sized enterprises looking to improve business results. Improving business results means increasing profits, reducing costs, or both simultaneously, usually in the face of internal and external pressures. This usually needs to be implemented without the main support structures found in large corporations.

Success in sole trader and SME businesses, therefore, often comes by chance rather than by design. For success to be consistent across all areas of your business we help you to identify the crucial elements of your business plan, and create an action plan that will give you better business results.


Sometimes corporate or business coaching go hand in hand with personal coaching but sometimes there is a need for separate personal/life coaching, when it is personal issues that are getting in the way of reaching your corporate or business goals.

It focuses on the things you want to change, helps you develop a strategy to implement those changes and reviews the impact on both your personal and corporate or business goals.

In all cases, we offer you an independent point of view, help you to identify your strengths and skills, challenge you to identify your goals and options and, encourage you all the way through.

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